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August 11, 2013

Linda M. Penn

Is “homework” a dirty word for you? Yes or no, school time is here again! I remember well those anxious days before school began – as a parent and a teacher. Making the most of this school year for you and your kids could mean an attitude adjustment.

Instead of homework being a pain for you and therefore, for your student, look at this time as the opportunity for “quality time.” We as parents, grandparents, siblings, tutors, and friends of kids have the ability to create wonderful memories for them. (If you ask my daughters about our homework experiences, I sure hope they express good stories about me!)

Let homework time be fun. (Okay, you may have to take a break, go to your room, and do a silent scream every now and then!) A smile, a laugh, a compliment during the homework time lets your kids know how much you care about them and how much you value education. Another plus is that you stay informed about what your children are studying in class.

If you have children who are too young for school homework, or, for whatever reason, don’t have homework on a particular night, spend time with them anyway – read a book, write or draw in a journal, research on a fun topic of their choosing, play board games. YES, board games are still fun. (Isn’t that right Ally, Samantha, Hunter?)

In closing, remember those last two blogs of mine, where I vented about teacher bashers? (If you haven’t read them, see “It’s Time, Part 1,” dated June 25, 2013, and
“Part 2,” dated July 16, 2013.) Will you take an “OATH AGAINST TEACHER BASHING” for this new school year? YES!!!! The teacher still in me, even after six years of retirement, thanks you. Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher when a problem arises, and avoid teacher bashing. Whew – got that off my mind!

Have a great school year. Talk to you next month – What to do BEFORE you read with your kids.

Copyright 2013 Linda M. Penn, All Rights Reserved

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