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June 25, 2013

Linda M. Penn

Now that schools have dismissed for Summer Break, it’s time for “R & R,” right? Are you getting that rest and relaxation your body and mind have been craving for since school started last fall? I hope so, but…for you teachers, that may not be happening. It’s time for your university classes, school professional development sessions, and planning for your next school year. If that isn’t enough “R & R,” then you could listen to or read those “it’s all the teachers’ fault that the test scores didn’t go up this past year” comments. Yes, it’s time for the finger-pointing, teacher bashing season again.

The “Walking in their Shoes” Blog from last month mentioned there were two recent news events that really tore me apart. Please refer back to that May 26, 2013 blog if you need a recall or if you have not read it. The second news event that I am referring to in today’s blog has to do with a news article in our newspaper bashing teachers. The article discussed the schools that are consistently low performing per achievement test scores. The article insisted the problem lies with the teachers not doing their jobs, not being dedicated, and not putting kids first.

Since that article appeared, the open season on teacher bashing has continued with other negative articles about teachers.

My blog today may not reach the teacher bashers, but you may know someone who is a basher. Will you please forward to them the May 26, 2013 “Walking in their Shoes” Blog and this one? (In case you don’t know or forgot, I am a retired teacher! Bet you could figure that out from the first paragraph, right?)

There are so many factors that go into the test score results of a school.
  1. Poverty.
  2. Amount of sleep.
  3. Access to nutritional food.
  4. Parent/guardian support.
  5. Lack of experiences.
  6. Lack of print or technological resources in the home.

These are just a few reasons. Yes, I can hear you saying that I am making excuses.

However, when is the last time the teacher bashers tried to teach children who came to school in dirty clothes, were tired, hungry, got themselves out of bed and to the bus stop on their own, never experienced anything away from their home environment except on the one or two time a year school field trip, and had no books or computer in their home?

IT’S TIME to stop the finger-pointing. Let’s all examine ourselves. What can be done? We as a society must COME TOGETHER and MOVE FORWARDTOGETHER for our kids.

There is hope! My next blog will focus on some positive steps in education. (My goal for blogging is every 3 to 4 weeks.)

By the way, referring back to my May, 2013 Blog, did you thank a teacher before closing up for Summer Break? Alright! Glad to hear it!

I ‘d love to hear your comments and questions and I certainly hope you get that “R &R” this summer!

Copyright 2013 Linda M. Penn, All Rights Reserved

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