WAS IT LUCK? (Part 2)

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WAS IT LUCK? (Part 2)

August 27, 2012
(Part 2)
By Linda M. Penn
            Welcome to Linda’s Blog!  Continue with me on the journey to being a writer of children’s books.  Was it just luck that I “happened” to meet Peggy DeKay, who became my Book Coach?
            I used to use the terms, “good luck,” “bad luck,” and “it just so happened that…” often.   I have heard celebrities and inspirational speakers, however, say we make our own luck by putting ourselves in a position to receive “good luck.”  On the other hand, some poor choices could be a factor in “bad luck.”  Maybe it is just that God closes one door to open another door for us.
            If you haven’t read the “Part l Was it Luck?” blog, you might want to click on that before you read this blog.  I was telling you my goal of five years ago was to write children’s books.  I prayed about the goal, read books on writing, read inspirational books, took writing classes, and received critiques of stories. 
After four years of studying and writing, “it just so happened” that I saw an ad for the University of Louisville Continuing Education class titled, “How to Self-Publish Your Book,” taught by Peggy DeKay.  What “good luck,” right?
I took Peggy’s class and was immediately hooked on the idea of going forward with self-publishing some of these stories.  Then I enrolled in Peggy’s second class, “How to Market Your Book.”  One thing led to another and I contracted with Peggy to be my Book Coach. 
Our search for illustrators for the books led to several dead ends.  Wow, what “bad luck,” right?  No way!  I believe God closed some doors and opened the door for Peggy to meet Donna Hardy and Jara Coe at a writers conference.  These ladies, (who said they almost cancelled going to the conference) became the illustrators.  Was it luck?  Don’t think so.
Here I am, a year later after contracting with Peggy, with “Is Kentucky in the Sky?” a reality and “Hunter and the Fastcar Trophy Race” being released soon.  Great!  All this “good luck” just dropped in my lap?  Not!
I believe every person has God-given talents and then we have a responsibility to develop skills to perfect those talents.  With trust in God, prayer, and hard work, miracles (those “good luck,” “it just so happened that…”events) are a result.
Sure would like to know your opinions or any “it just so happened” stories that you don’t mind sharing!
Copyright 2012 Linda M. Penn
All Rights Reserved

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WAS IT LUCK? (Part 2) on Monday, August 27, 2012 11:02 AM
o happened that…”events) are a result. Sure would like to know your opinions or any “it just so happened” stories that you don’t mind sharing!   http://lindampenn.com htts://lindampenn@gmail.com   Copyright 2012 Linda M. Penn
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Dr. Tommy Purvis on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 11:19 AM
Congratulations on your latest project, "Is Kentucky In The SKY?" Very much ejoyed the book signing at Bowman Field in July! As a matter of fact, I bought two copies: One as a personal keepsake--more importantly, another to give to my three grandchldren: Elijah, Julianna, and Naomi. It will be an excellent resource to help them learn about time, space, distance, travel, etc. The book is written on an interesting and informative level they can comprehend.
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Peggy DeKay on Monday, November 12, 2012 2:17 PM
Thank you so much for the kind words about being your book coach. Here is my "good luck," "bad luck," story. In 2008 I joined a local writer's group called Women Who Write. The organization had been around since 1994. The group had published an anthology every year for the past fifteen years. But in 2009 their funds were depleted, the director had resigned due to family issues, and they were in danger of not being able to publish the anthology. (Bad Luck) I had been investigating self-publishing using print-on-demand technology with the though of self-publishing a book one day. At the time I was a newspaper columnist. One night during a meeting of Women Who Write, I offered to do some research on self-publishing and report back to the group. I did, and the following month I was chosen as the new director. (Good Luck) I went on to guide them through the publication of five books between 2009-2011. In 2011 I published my book "Self-Publishing for Virgins: The first-time author's guide to self-publishing." It seems to me that Linda is right, putting myself in a position to receive an opportunity, then being willing to do the "work" created an opening for "Good Luck" to rush in. God in his infinite wisdom and humor, had placed me in the territory where my dreams could come true. Thank God for both, good luck and bad!
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Jan Jasper on Monday, December 10, 2012 5:22 PM
After reading 'Hunter and the Fast Car Trophy Race', I thought, how much do we really know about people we care about? Linda Penn lets us look into Hunter's concept of how he thinks his Grandmother will act when she babysits him on race day. He sees an afternoon endured in a separation of interents instead of in a common bond,so,he turns to God to 'deliver' him from this fate and give him direction. A surprising bond is formed when a new side of Grandma is revealed and quality time spent together 'at the races' deepens the gift of love God gives us with our families. Kudos, Linda Penn. May your stories keep all of us looking to the Lord for direction just as Hunter does. Linda Peen is a member of the Faith Class Sunday School class of DeHaven Baptist Church. I have the blessing of leading that class. Linda subs for me when I cannot be there. I am blessed to have purchased both of her books and have sent them to my little grandson. Jan Jasper
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